MEKSYKANKA travel agency has been created by passionate people who love Mexico. Being guides give us a great joy, we just love what we do! Years of experience in the tourism industry has allowed us to create interesting and unusual tours, and we would be more than happy to share this experience with you!


Paulina Pinkowska 

 Speak in: polish, spanish, english and portuguese.

Journalist, tour leader and travel guide. Visited over 60 countries, but Latin America stole her heart. Lucky to be able to call Mexico her second home. Fascinated by archeology and motorization. Enjoys actively spending time, diving, kitesurfing, motorcycle rides… there is no chance to be bored with her. You will get to know with Paulina the fascinating Maya World and their tragic collapse initiated by the conquest. She is fully licensed guide for Mexico. Has got two licenses: Guía de Turistas General NOM- 08 - TUR- 2002 and Guía de Turistas Especializada en Naturaleza.

Sho Israel Chavarria González 


Speak in: english, spanish, french and italian.

A specialist in water tours, an expert in Mexican flora and fauna. You will get to discover with him the nature of Yucatan Peninsula. Most of the time Sho can be found in the Sian Kaan Biosphere Park during a jeep safari. He belongs to positively crazy people.  Licensed guide - Guía de Turistas General NOM- 08 - TUR- 2002.

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