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Do something new, feel like a child again. This park is great for families, half a day is enough to calmly experience all the attractions.

In an open white space, observe, listen and feel the rhythm of a big heart.

Take a walk along the street of an authentic Mexican city where your balance is tested. From the first to the last stage, you won’t know if you’re going down.

Take a break in the hammock, look at the surrounding nature.

Open your arms and fly on a rope that lets you slide across the sky like a bird.

In a calm salt river, where you can’t sink, free your body and mind.

Renew your skin with a secret mud recipe that is completely organic and beneficial to your body.

Discover in the dark darkness various ecosystems perfectly represented by the flora and sound of each of them.

Explore the interior of the Earth through the caves. Look at an earthly paradise among a waterfall, a small lake, fish and flamingos.

Enjoy the taste of delicious lemonade poured directly from the tree.

Follow the stone path with windows, doors and lanterns that will make you appreciate the prospect of being really small or really big.

At Xenses you’ll be aware of everything your body can feel.