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At Kayak, you’ll be exploring the park’s canals while you discover hidden surprises along the way. On board your Kayak, you will be contemplating unique views on a very relaxing adventure. There are three different paths to explore; short, intermediate and long. The kayaks are for one or two people, so you can choose how to live this adventure.
How high will you go? At the Ropes Course in Xavage that’s the question you will be asking yourself, since the circuit counts with four different levels of height and difficulty for all types of adventurer.

The first one at 26 ft (8 m) is perfect for those who are just starting to discover the wonderful world of adventure. Obstacles at this level are much more stable and simpler to get through. It’s a great way to catch some confidence into trying new things and even some self-confidence since you’ll be showing yourself that indeed, at Xavage, you can do it!

The next level goes up to 46 ft (14 m), and though the obstacles are still solid and stable, you’ll find some more challenging than others. Nothing an adventurer like you can’t overcome!
On the third level, you’ll notice that obstacles are less stable reaching up to 82 ft (25 m) becoming a true challenge! The feeling of satisfaction after beating it is huge, since you will most likely find this experience as a true first!
Finally, on the fourth level, you’ll find the most original and creative obstacles… even a hanging bicycle!
We all have dreamt about flying at some point in our lives. Well, at Xavage, you can do it! Fly like a hawk in the Xavage Zip-line, the longest horizontal zip-line in Cancun. You’ll be resting your body in a completely horizontal position along a circuit of over 400 yards, to open your arms and soar through the sky in a journey very close to taking flight.

Hop on board and go full speed on a Jet Boat navigated by an expert captain. Cross narrow canals as you swiftly change directions with a dragonfly’s agility. The speed boats have a capacity of up to 10 people and a captain who will take you to every corner of the park’s canals with twists and turns that’ll have you shouting with excitement. Reach up to over 45 mp/h as you slide across the water with fun 360° spins. Make sure to give your most adventurous cheer… it’s the best motivation for our captains!
ou will not only be taking on this adventure in the only white water rapids in Cancun and the whole Yucatán Peninsula, but you’ll be doing it in the longest man-made circuit in the world!
The circuit was designed by Bob Campbell, an international referent in rafting-circuit design, as designer of Olympic courses in Brazil and for Tokyo 2020.
Our guides, added to being part of the spark and fun, are certified by the IRF (International Rafting Federation).
ake the wheel and feel the power of a Monster Truck designed exclusively for Xavage. Its huge dimensions and powerful attributes will take you on a circuit of surprising obstacles, but you’ll be even more surprised when you find out that none of them can stop you. Test your skills going over all types of elements, from scattered logs, loose ramps, wheels, giant stairs, steep slopes that’ll take you splashing down on mud puddles, to remainings of scrap cars! Nothing stops a Monster Truck!